Readmission Avoidance Program (RAP)

Our 30, 60, and 90-Day Care Transition Programs:

  • Optimizing Reimbursement: We ensure that reimbursement processes are streamlined and efficient.
  • Reducing Reliance on In-Person Visits: By leveraging telehealth services, we strike a balance between efficiency and patient care.

Our Guarantee:

  • We promise our clients an impressive 30% reduction in readmissions through our customized telehealth solutions.

Streamlined Care Transition:

  • We transform discharge instructions into a straightforward, easy-to-follow plan.
  • Our team reconciles medications and schedules essential follow-up appointments with your primary care physician.

Proactive Engagement for Optimal Outcomes:

  • Our dedicated team provides personalized coaching and education on self-care at home.
  • We collaborate closely with your primary care physician, ensuring a holistic approach to your recovery.
  • Additionally, we coordinate with your care transition team to enhance overall outcomes.