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The Avery Telehealth Difference

Avery Telehealth is a health engagement company. We reduce hospital readmissions, improve patient outcomes and lowers health care costs. Avery Telehealth’s proprietary Readmission Avoidance Program (RAP) guarantees a 30% reduction in readmissions. We also provide a flexible End-to-End Telehealth solution across the United States. We also directly serve consumers and family caregivers.

Avery Telehealth is based in Scottsdale, AZ and is part of The Avery Group, a multimillion dollar company started in 2003. The Avery Group is devoted to healthy, independent living, has an annual growth rate of 20% and a workforce of almost 400 employees. We create long term relationships with our Readmission Avoidance Program clients and view our clients as partners collaborating to improve outcomes and lower costs. Avery Telehealth is focused on performance. Each client is guaranteed a 30% reduction in hospital readmissions.