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Readmission Avoidance Program From Avery Telehealth

Avery Telehealth guarantees clients a 30% reduction in readmissions with our telehealth services

The Problem Affects Everyone

Telehealth Solutions For Hospitals That Helps Avoid Readmissions

The numbers don’t lie. Hospital readmission is a dilemma that affects the entire industry, creating unnecessary spending of healthcare dollars.

An astounding 75 percent of all hospital readmissions are preventable.

  • The Centers for Medicine & Medicaid Services (CMS) Hospital Reduction Program began penalizing in 2015 for excess readmission due to conditions such as heart attack, heart failure, pneumonia, chronic lung problems and elective hip or knee replacement.
  • There are about 34,000,000 hospital discharges in the U.S. each year.
  • 20 percent of discharged Medicare patients are readmitted in 30 days; 34 percent are readmitted within 90 days.
  • 90 percent of readmissions within 30 days are unplanned due to clinical deterioration.
  • 75 percent of all hospital readmissions are preventable


There are three primary reasons for readmission:

  1. Discharge plan is executed incorrectly
  2. Lack of patient education
  3. Post-discharge care is poorly coordinated

The Solution

Solutions For Healthcare Professionals

If you’re a healthcare professional, Avery Telehealth can assist with safe and convenient care for your patients that fully integrates with your current systems. We mitigate the problem before it begins with security, compliance and communication for unparalleled telehealth services.

Pre Discharge

Convert Discharge order to Care Transition Plan

Care Coordination

Patient Education

Schedule PCP follow up

Post Discharge

Execute Care Transition Plan

Care Coordination

Ensure Physician Visit

Medication Compliance

Patient Education & Coaching

Remote Telehealth Monitoring

Daily Status Monitoring

Vital Sign Monitoring

Symptom Management

Telehealth Equipment

A New Standard of Client Care

Telehealth is the new frontier in healthcare. It’s a patient- and outcome-centered approach to telemedicine which improves lives. Those who embrace this new standard of care are certain to see a decrease in readmissions.

At Avery Telehealth, we guarantee clients a 30 percent reduction in patient readmissions. Our users are many – health plans, hospitals, physician groups, ACO’s and home health agencies – which is why our telehealth services are so diverse to meet their needs.

Telehealth isn’t the future of healthcare – it is healthcare.

Avery Telehealth provides it.

Offering Patient Convenience

In today’s world, we expect instant answers and results. Telehealth offers that to the healthcare industry like never before. It’s perfect for a growing, tech-savvy older population and an increasingly mobile world.

COVID-19 only heightened the increased demand for telehealth services and solutions. Avery Telehealth has been at the forefront with user friendly, HIPPA-compliant software before the pandemic even became a reality.