Avery Solutions

Avery Telehealth offers tailored telehealth solutions to healthcare providers, organizations, and consumers, aligning with their unique objectives and financial constraints. Whether you’re initiating a telehealth program, aiming to decrease hospital readmissions, or monitoring patient vitals, we’re here to support you.

Our approach extends beyond mere technology. We prioritize patient comfort and empowerment, leveraging our comprehensive understanding of the healthcare industry. Our ultimate goal is to harmonize healthcare experiences with customer expectations from other industries, ensuring successful outcomes.

  • End-to-End Telehealth Platform: Seamlessly manage telehealth services from start to finish.
  • Remote Patient Monitoring: Keep a close eye on patients’ health metrics from a distance.
  • Video Conferencing: Facilitate virtual consultations and discussions.
  • Cost Reduction Programs: Optimize healthcare delivery while minimizing expenses.
  • Readmission Reduction Programs: Proactively address readmissions to enhance patient care.
  • Clinical Support: Provide expert guidance and assistance.
  • Patient Education: Empower patients with knowledge for better self-management.
  • HEDIS & Star Improvement: Elevate healthcare quality and outcomes.

Whether you’re considering launching a new telehealth program at your healthcare facility, aiming to reduce hospital readmissions, or seeking resources for monitoring patient vitals, Avery Telehealth delivers innovative solutions that significantly improve the healthcare journey.

Platform Radial

Readmission Avoidance Program (RAP)

Our 30, 60, and 90-Day Care Transition Programs:

  • Optimizing Reimbursement: We ensure that reimbursement processes are streamlined and efficient.
  • Reducing Reliance on In-Person Visits: By leveraging telehealth services, we strike a balance between efficiency and patient care.

Our Guarantee:

  • We promise our clients an impressive 30% reduction in readmissions through our customized telehealth solutions.

Streamlined Care Transition:

  • We transform discharge instructions into a straightforward, easy-to-follow plan.
  • Our team reconciles medications and schedules essential follow-up appointments with your primary care physician.

Proactive Engagement for Optimal Outcomes

  • Our dedicated team provides personalized coaching and education on self-care at home.
  • We collaborate closely with your primary care physician, ensuring a holistic approach to your recovery.
  • Additionally, we coordinate with your care transition team to enhance overall outcomes.



Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM):

We offer comprehensive solutions that not only address immediate healthcare needs, but also contribute to the long-term improvement of patient outcomes and the optimization of healthcare resources.

Our solutions enhance consistency, continuity, and scalability, empowering our customers to boost efficiency, make informed decisions, and enhance patient outcomes.

These solutions include:

  1. Mobile App or web-based Tablet Solutions
  2. Integrated Bluetooth Peripherals
  3. Standardization of Care with Clinical Pathways
  4. Compliance Measures
  5. Video Conferencing Capabilities
  6. Symptom Management Tools
  7. Medication Adherence Support
  8. Integration with Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

We are device agnostic, ensuring flexibility and seamless integration across various platforms.

Clinical Support (optional in the RPM program):