Visiting Angels Scottsdale Announces Strategic Partnership with Avery Telehealth and PocketRN

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Visiting Angels Scottsdale Partners with Avery Telehealth and PocketRN to Enhance At-Home Care Capabilities with Telehealth Solutions and Nursing Services

Scottsdale, AZ — June 14, 2024 — Visiting Angels Scottsdale, a leading provider of at-home personal care services for seniors, is thrilled to announce its strategic partnership with Avery Telehealth and PocketRN, enhancing its care services with advanced telehealth solutions and expert nursing support. This collaboration aims to elevate the quality of care provided to clients and reduce unplanned hospitalizations.

With Avery Telehealth’s leading telehealth platform and connected remote patient monitoring (RPM) devices, and PocketRN’s virtual nursing services, Visiting Angels Scottsdale is set to offer a more comprehensive healthcare approach. Clients will now have access to regular health check-ins, real-time health condition monitoring, and immediate nursing support, all from the comfort of their homes.

“Our goal has always been to keep our clients happy, healthy, and at-home,” said Dawn DeMers, Director of Operations, Visiting Angels Scottsdale. “In our effort to provide seniors with the most comprehensive care in the comforts of their own home, partnering with Avery Telehealth and PocketRN was a natural fit.”

PocketRN, a national leader providing virtual nursing services, will be available to Visiting Angels clients, caregivers, and family seven days a week to enhance the at-home care experience. The PocketRN “nurse for life” will conduct routine personalized care plan reviews, thorough health evaluations, and provide actionable recommendations to detect and prevent issues earlier, ultimately reducing exacerbations. Nurses will also be available to meet on-demand when changes or questions arise, ensuring that the care delivered by Visiting Angels is consistent, adaptable, and personalized to meet clients’ changing health needs.

“Our partnership with Visiting Angels and Avery Telehealth marks a pivotal moment in our journey towards redefining at-home nursing care,” said Nancy Gillette, Chief Growth Officer at PocketRN. “By integrating our virtual nursing services into the daily lives of clients, we’re ensuring they have consistent, immediate access to the highest level of care.”

Avery Telehealth, a comprehensive telehealth platform with tailored programs and health solutions, provides PocketRN nurses vital information to better care for Visiting Angels clients. With Avery’s platform and connected devices such as blood pressure monitors, scales, and pulse oximeters, clients are able to track and trend their progress along with providing any critical alerts to the PocketRN nursing team.

“This partnership signifies the commitment and capabilities of marrying care and technology to allow seniors to remain at home,” said Mark Aspenson, CEO of Avery Telehealth. “By providing Visiting Angels with our connected RPM devices and telehealth platform, we’re setting a new standard for healthcare in the home setting.”

About Visiting Angels Scottsdale

Visiting Angels Scottsdale is a leading at-home care agency, providing a wide range of personalized care services to seniors. With a commitment to compassionate and professional care, Visiting Angels helps families across Scottsdale, West Valley, Mesa and Greater Phoenix to ensure their loved ones can feel comfortable and happy living independently at home.

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About Avery Telehealth

Avery Telehealth, a part of the Avery Group, is a comprehensive health platform that provides tailored telehealth solutions for healthcare providers, organizations and consumers. The company’s readmission avoidance programs (RAP), remote patient monitoring (RPM), and connected health devices and technologies enable providers to enhance the patient experience, reduce hospital readmissions, and improve clinical outcomes. ‘

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About PocketRN

PocketRN gives patients, families, and caregivers a “virtual nurse for life.” Its mission is to close the gap between home and healthcare by: enabling nurses to care proactively and continuously at the top-of-their-license, enabling caregivers with peace of mind and the confidence to support others, and enabling patients to access whole-person, trusted, empathetic care when and where they want it. PocketRN is the glue that holds together fragmented experiences in care so that partners, clinicians, patients, and families get back more of what they need: quality time.

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