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Virtual Care Management

As Americans become more and more connected to the Internet, virtual care is fast becoming the norm. Furthered by the COVID-19 pandemic, U.S. households are finding telehealth to be more safe, feasible, practical and efficient than ever before.

But telehealth and virtual care management are two different things. Telehealth describes the use of any telecommunications technology to aid healthcare in order to improve a patient’s health. It is also a tool that allows interaction and support between public health, hospitals and health administrations.

Virtual care management is a part of telehealth. It describes remote, real-time, online visits that occur between healthcare providers and patients. Those visits may utilize Internet technology, including live video conferences, audio and/or instant messaging. Types of virtual care include checking in after visits, talking about treatment plans, or discussing surgery options. It’s essentially the same ways in which doctors and patients communicate in person now, but instead conducted over the Internet.


“Thank you so much for the wonderful care you are providing Mom. Mom feels secure knowing you are so closely monitoring her vitals and regularly contacting her and her doctor. Thank you for investigating the dosages of Mom’s hypertensive meds and deducing she was taking less than actually prescribed. Your care, concern and professionalism reduce the worries I have, long-distance, as well as my sister’s.”

-Kathleen B., patient’s daughter

Home Patient Monitoring Through Virtual Care Management

Home patient monitoring benefits greatly from virtual care. It’s particularly useful for treating patients with chronic conditions where hospital readmissions occur too often from lack of communication. It also helps the elderly by not having to rely on caregivers to transport them to frequent appointments.

Facilitating the process from Avery Telehealth is a virtual care manager – a nurse with experience in guiding family caregivers. The virtual care manager works with caregivers and patients to provide sound advice and make recommendations that meet everyone’s goal. All parties have a scheduled time to meet each week over the Internet where they talk about the patient’s health and make sure goals are being met.

Benefits of Virtual Care Management

Virtual care is beneficial because Avery Telehealth helps make it available almost anytime – something most family doctors and specialists cannot offer. The benefits to virtual care management through Avery Telehealth are aplenty:

  • Saves time when caregivers’ schedules are filled.
  • Eliminates travel, especially when patients are difficult to transport.
  • Offers a smarter way for specialists at distant locations to monitor patients and planned procedures.
  • A perfect idea for patients who only need a quick consultation or check-in.
  • Proposes uninterrupted, efficient communication without having to deal with typical office waiting room delays caused by other patients.
  • Some virtual care managers can diagnose, recommend treatment, prescribe medication and offer a second opinion.