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Reducing Preventable ER Visits with Analytics

Every so often we see stories about 911 dispatchers burdened by non-emergency calls. They make headlines because people encumber the system with requests that are not urgent. The 911 system, of course, is intended for use in emergencies only. Emergency departments are built upon the same premise, yet overuse for non-emergent care remains a problem in hospitals nationwide. A telehealth solution may be the answer. It can utilize patient analytics to detect drivers of ER usage to avoid overuse in the future.

Solving Problems with a Telehealth Solution

Health systems are constantly seeking ways to operate more efficiently, lower costs and improve the customer service experience, yet the ER remains a problem area. Healthcare professionals know that ER visits represent a large expense in the industry, and a noticeable percentage of ER visits are from repeat visitors. For example, some studies suggest that 20 percent of patients are related to mood disorders and alcohol use – which aren’t necessarily emergencies and might be better suited for clinical care.

In most cases, the emergent make-up of the ailment was possibly preventable or even avoidable with more timely and suitable primary care. Healthcare plans can improve matters early on by recognizing what’s an emergency situation and what isn’t. Analytics and analysis from an experienced telehealth provider can help.

Positive Outcomes

Avery Telehealth, as a telehealth solution provider, can use analytics to better understand patients and detect which visits are right for the emergency department, or better handled by primary, clinical care. Knowing the most common diagnoses for each patient, the hospital can understand how to help better and steer them toward the right course of healthcare. Health plans can pinpoint and classify regular emergency department use to decide if such ER visits are preventable.

This affects patients, too. They can become better educated and realize the emergency department shouldn’t necessarily be their immediate option – both in terms of care and for their wallet.

What’s more, the results from the data can be used at the physician’s office. Outcomes could include better in-office education, greater communication, or even expanded office hours to make physicians more accessible.

Avery Telehealth offers an expert telehealth solution that can help reduce preventable emergency room visits with analytics. Contact us to learn more.