Remote Patient Monitoring: Bridging the Gap Between Traditional Healthcare Settings and At-Home Care

Telehealth and Remote Patient Monitoring Remote Patient Monitoring is a unique management system that utilizes methods of advanced technology to provide a heightened quality of healthcare to patients. This special technology delivers healthcare services and gathers patient data in a setting that’s outside the realm of a conventional healthcare environment. In simpler terms, it’s a […]

Avery Telehealth Partners with GuildNet to Provide Members with Chronic Conditions Telehealth Kits

MANHATTAN, NY., February 22, 2016- GuildNet, part of Lighthouse Guild, a leading non-profit vision + healthcare organization, with a long-standing heritage of addressing the needs of people who are blind or visually impaired has partnered with Avery Telehealth to enhance the ability of GuildNet members to live happy, healthy and at home. Avery Telehealth will […]

Telemedicine could yield $6B per year in savings

Telemedicine has the potential to deliver more than $6 billion in healthcare savings per year to U.S. companies, according to global analytics company Towers Watson. Managing such savings would require all employees and their dependents to use the technology-enabled interactions in place of face-to-face visits to the doctor, urgent care center or emergency room for […]

UnitedHealth: 3 ways to better engage members

The post-healthcare reform era is causing a shift to a more consumer-centric insurance environment. Due to the rise in consumerism, payers are looking for ways to engage with their consumers to remain competitive and maintain a high level of customer satisfaction. UnitedHealthcare is focusing on three main areas to meet the ongoing demands of its […]

Remote patient monitoring: How mobile devices will curb chronic conditions

It’s only a matter of time before the exam-room-centered focus of patient care gives way to management of assigned populations to maintain or improve health. That’s not to say physicians won’t be actively treating sick patients every day, but new payment models, with financial incentives and disincentives for physicians, call on healthcare providers to better manage […]

Avery Telehealth receives AHIP Connect Approval

Scottsdale, AZ – Avery Telehealth, the nation’s leading provider for reducing unnecessary hospital stays, announced today that it has been admitted into the AHIP Connect program, a sourcing and due-diligence initiative from America’s Health Insurance Plans to help its health plan members address operational challenges and opportunities posed by health reform. To be considered for […]

Medical Homes May Not Be the Answer

A patient-centered medical home (PCMH) demonstration project did little to reduce costs and utilization or improve the quality of care, researchers found. The 3-year study of 32 small- and medium-sized primary care practices — believed to be the first multi-payer pilot in the nation to report results over 3 years — found that the use […]

Nursing homes have high readmission rates

Hospitals or emergency departments readmit a large proportion of Medicare beneficiaries within 30 days of discharge from nursing homes, according to a new study published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society. Twenty-two percent of 50,000 Medicare beneficiaries treated at skilled nursing facilities in North and South Carolina needed emergency care within 30 days of discharge, and 37.5 […]

Hospitals with more elderly, poor patients likely to face readmission penalties

Hospitals are more likely to suffer costly penalties from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services if they treat more dual-eligible seniors–patients on both Medicare and Medicaid, according to a new study. Data from Medicare inpatient claims show that dual-eligible patients have an increased risk of readmission when the data is adjusted for other risks, according to the study. Hospitals […]

20% of hospitals in six states have above-average readmissions

At least 20 percent of hospitals in Maryland, New York, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Rhode Island have higher readmission rates than the national average, according to new data from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). The states with the highest proportion of hospitals with lower readmission rates than average include Hawaii, Idaho, Colorado, Oregon, […]